Anton Stöger GmbH - Gerberei
Salzburger Straße 20
5142 Eggelsberg - Austria

the history

In the year 1846 the former butcher, innkeeper and farmer, Anton Stöger, decided to install a little tannery. Many times local farmers brought their hides for wage work in the tannery. Mainly harness leather and sole leather was manufactured, which was processed by local saddlers and shoemakers. In this manner we worked for many decades for the local market.

In 1950 the demand for leather began to increase enormously, mostly for leather goods and
shoe leather.

At this time our main sales area was Vienna and the German city Offenbach, where hundreds of leather processors were located. In the middle of the seventies the equitation sector began to increase strongly and since then many notable manufacturers of equestrian articles belong to our customers.

Since nearly 160 years the tannery is run by our family. Without our staff this success wouldn't have been possible. Most of them work here with obligation and pleasure for more than 15 years.

Together with you we would like to look back a few decades: At this time working in a tannery was really "heavy labour". The big and wet hides were fleshed by hand and then put in a lime pit for tanning.

The tanning agent was grinded directly in the tannery. Bark from local sawmills was used as raw material.

At this time it was very labour intensive to produce leather, because there hardly weren't any  economical tannery machines.

Beginning of the fifties the first modern machines were installed, so for example the first fleshing-, splitting- and spraying machines.

We invest continuously in modern machines to improve the leather quality consistently.

Our aim is: "To produce high quality products with a motivated staff in a clear size of enterprise."