Anton Stöger GmbH - Gerberei
Salzburger Straße 20
5142 Eggelsberg - Austria

environmental protection

Water - one of the most valuable resources - is also a very important part in the production of leather.

40 years ago, when environmental protection still was a foreign word, we already built together with the local authority a waste water treatment plant. Meanwhile this clarification plant is run by us alone and we keep it currently on the newest technical standard.

In the middle of the eighties two new chamber filter presses were installed for pre-cleaning the waste water. 2008 one of these chamber filter presses was replaced by a more modern and effective one.

One of the presses cleans the waste water containing chrome and the other the sewages which come from the vegetable tannage. Of course all sewages are disposed according to the law. Some of the "waste products" even can be used as raw material for other industries.

Moreover our production area of about 3000 m² is heated since 1990 with natural gas instead of oil.

For us environmental protection as cost factor is in the 4th place, whereas in many other countries this factor isn't even collected. We hope that this factor will be respected also in other countries so that equal production conditions are created.